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Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

About University

The Shahjalal University of Science and Technology was established on 25th August, 1986. Within this small time span university has earned a lot of respect. There are 13 affiliated medical colleges under Shahjalal university. The university is located in the Sylhet city of Bangladesh.

Starting with only 3 departments and 13 teachers, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology has made themselves the ultimate destiny for MBBS in Bangladesh. Now they have reached the sky with 7 schools, 27 departments and 2 institutes with 552 teachers and around 11000 students. There are a total of 1703 to 1800 seats for medicine at Shahjalal University of Science and technology.

If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding medical education, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) is the right place for you. Located in the heart of Dhaka, SUST has a rich history dating back to 1986. Over the years, the university has earned a reputation for offering top-notch medical programs. With experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, SUST is perfect for students who want to learn in an environment that is constantly fostering innovation.

Admissions Open

Degree Awarded
6 years, this includes 5 years’ course and 1 year of internship.
Sylhet City, Bangladesh
Medium Of Instruction
NEET Examination
Yes, Required
Total Course Fees per Year
Rs. 26,60,000
Hostel Fees (Per Year)
Rs. 6,55,200
3,000-5,000 INR per Month

After a long struggle and a relentless movement, the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) was established in 1986. The only university of its kind at that time, it started it’s career on the 1st Phalgun(13th of February 1991) with only three departments: Physics, Chemistry and Economics, 13 teachers and 205 students. It has now expanded to 7 schools, 27 departments and two institutes. The number of teachers has grown to 552 and the students to 10922. Besides, the University has 13 affiliated medical colleges under the School of Medical Sciences with 4000 students. 

SUST introduced the integrated honours course for the first time in Bangladesh. It introduced the semester system from the 1996-97 session and there was a remarkable improvement in the quality of education after the introduction of this system, which was visible even in the national arena. Every student from SUST has to take two language courses, one in Bangla and the other one in English. Every student also has to take two computer courses, one for computer literacy and the other to learn a computer language. The computer center of SUST offers courses to every employees and one can say, without any hesitation that SUST is the most IT enabled university in this country.

SUST has started it’s graduate programs by offering masters degree to graduating bachelors of most of the departments. It is difficult to start a world-class research program without a well funded graduate school, even then the teachers of SUST are trying to create a research environment in the campus. Two research journals are published regularly from SUST, one in Bangla and the other one in English where a few hundred research papers are submitted every year. Several departments have hosted International Conferences and are planning to organize similar events in the near future.

Student life at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

SUST has a campus area of 320 acres which is famous for its natural beauty. Many visitors come to Sylhet visit the “Shahid Minar” (Martyr’s Memorial) of the university. The memorial stands on the top of a small hill and is surrounded by trees. Different cultural organizations arrange programs on the premises on local and national occasions.

SUST has high reputation for non-violent student movements. It is also a university without any session jam. The first ever Bangladesh Mathematics Olympiad was held in ShahJalal University of Science and Technology in 2004. Prominent teachers there include the Bangladeshi writer and scientist, Dr. M. Zafar Iqbal who is a professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering as well as the head of the department

SUST has an extensive core curriculum required of all undergraduates. SUST is the first university in Bangladesh to adopt American course credit systems for all departments. The syllabus is always updated frequently to maintain the global standard of education. SUST has a common Central Library with a collection of 180,000 volumes and 300 current periodical subscriptions for all academic departments. The library includes electronic copies of books, which can be accessed from any academic department through electronic local area networking (LAN). Per year around 2000 volumes are added in this library. The library building of SUST is famous for its attractive triangular shape. It has also a free internet browsing facility and rental library program. Additionally, there are also departmental library in each academic department and hall library in each residential hall.

SUST also welcomes foreign students. There are a significant number of international students, especially from Nepal. There are also some students in its affiliated medical college from India. Every year SUST receives applications from abroad. Most international students come from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Japan, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Palestine, China, and Myanmar.

Hostel & Accommodation

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology provides the facilities of accommodation and mess for students:

Students at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology are provided with hostels for students.

Currently, at Shahjalal University of Science and technology, there are 5 halls of residence. Near the university area of Sylhet metro, a significant number of students reside privately.

Benefits of Studying MBBS at Shahjalal University of Science Technology

Eligibility for Admission

Students have to set in the following eligibility criteria to get admission to Bangladesh for MBBS:

Admission Process:

Students need to have the following documents for the admission process:

Quota applicants must bring the Certificate/Testimonial from appropriate authority like

Students must bring: