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University of the Traditional Medicine

About University

In the University of Traditional Medicine medical higher educational and medical secondary educational programs are held, which are provided by RA educational law from which higher educational programs are implemented by the main and additional educational programs.
  • The two-level educational programs.Bachelor’s Degree & Master’s degree
  • Additional two-level educational programs –training & Specialist training
The university is one of the higher educational institutions that was awarded the highest status – “The State Accreditation” from the Government for its high image in scientific, pedagogical and educational activities. The graduates get State Diploma. The University’s educational activity aims at preparation of such new qualified specialists who will develop the 21st century medicine by integration. This process doesn’t have its precedent in the region. The graduates of the university pass serious exams not only in the health system of our Republic but also in that of foreign countries.
“General Medicine”- The State Accreditation N127.

Admissions Open for Intake-2020

Degree Awarded
M.D. Physician
(Undergraduate program)
6 years
Medium Of Instruction
Year Of Establishment
Tuition Fee
USD.6750 1St Year
2nd Year to 5th Year
USD. 2500 Per Year
Hostel Fee
USD. 1000 Per Year

Duration of the study – 5 years

Magistracy – 2 years

The graduates get State Diploma and are awarded degree of “Doctor”(“Physician”).
“Stomatology”- The State Accreditation N128.
Duration of the study – 4 years.
Magistracy – 2 years
The graduates get State Diploma and are awarded degree of “Doctor of Stomatology” (Dentistry).
The language of instruction is Armenian. Foreign citizens, who do not know Armenian, must study at the preparatory course during a year.
  • Preparatory courses are for the foreign citizens, who have the appropriate diploma from a secondary education institution / e.g. high school/ which corresponds to the RA secondary educational program, including those whose knowledge of the Armenian language is poor. During an academic year, the student studies simultaneously humanitarian and natural sciences’ subjects and Armenian language or improves his knowledge of the language. At the end of the academic year the students who successfully pass their final examinations, enter the corresponding faculties of the university.
  • Bachelor course is available for those foreign citizens, who have completed the preparatory courses and know the Armenian language.
  • Master course course is available for those, who have good knowledge of the Armenian language and have a bachelor’s degree.

Required documents:

  • Application to the university’s rector, with the chosen profession
  • Autobiography /Curriculum Vitae.
  • Application certificate with the subjects and examination marks
  • Medical record detailing the health state of the applicant.
  • Copy of passport or birth certificate /including all pages/
  • Applicants should submit their documents to the RA embassy or consulates. In the countries, where there aren’t RA embassies or consulates, the documents may be submitted by the applicant or his representative after being ratified by the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The preparatory department is formed from the first decade of July till the first decade of November. The admission for the higher education is from the first decade of July till the last decade of August.
The University of Traditional Medicine applies to the Ministry of Foreign affairs to get permission for the arrival of the invited foreign students.
After getting the admission the applicant gets the visa in the RA embassy or consulate in the given country.
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