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Medical Universities in Nepal

About Nepal

The popularity of studying MBBS in Nepal is on peak as more than 70,000 students learn in the universities of Nepal. Most of the students studying in Nepal are from Northern region of India who relocate there for better career prospects. Indians don’t require a passport to stay in Nepal and the overall admission procedure is easy to follow in Nepal.

Nepal has turned into the hub of medical education in the last 5 years. It offers top quality MBBS courses at an affordable cost. Most of the professors are Indians who are highly experienced in their domain. The infrastructure of the universities in Nepal resonates with the western standards that makes Nepal an excellent destination to study medicine.

All the famous medical colleges in Nepal have listings in the National Medical Commission (NMC) and other renowned medical councils. A coaching is offered in Nepal for the preparation of license examinations like USMLE, FMGE, and PLAB, etc.

Nepal has one of the shortest course duration in Asia. The average range of tuition fees in Nepal are between 40 – 60 lakhs for a full year course. If you are looking to take practical medical education near to India with the international experience of education, then studying MBBS in Nepal is the best recommendation for Indian students.

MBBS In Nepal

Nepal is a landlocked country bordered with 6 states of India. The country is a multiethnic, multilingual, multi-religious located in the Himalayas with the history of 40 – 50 million years. Masterfully constructed Temples in Nepal are subject of fascination for its alluring architectural designs.

The natural beauty of mountains and delightment of villages are the typical attributes of culture in Nepal. Most of the Universities are situated in the metropolises of Kathmandu, Pokahra, and Patan which are highly advanced in terms of public infrastructure and facilities.

If you are dreaming of becoming a doctor, studying MBBS in Nepal is the best way to make your dream come true. The quality of medical education in Nepal is unparalleled and the country has a long history of producing excellent doctors. With years of experience, Nepal has built a strong reputation for providing quality medical education. The country has also made great strides in terms of quality and infrastructure developments in the medical field. This is why many students from all over the world choose to study MBBS in Nepal.

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