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University of East Sarajevo FACULTY OF MEDICINE, FOČA

University of East Sarajevo - Faculty of Medicine


About University

The University of East Sarajevo is a govt. university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Faculty of Medicine is located in Foča and was founded in 1993, making it one among the oldest medical faculties to study MBBS in Europe. The faculty of medicine at the University of East Sarajevo has a facility spanning over 6000 sq. meters, equipped with modern infrastructure for high-quality education. The Faculty of Medicine, Foca is a respectable teaching institution and its diploma is highly recognized and accepted across Europe and the world.

The University of East Sarajevo was established in 1992 under the name University of Sarajevo. The University inherits the tradition of the first higher education institutions in the region, dating back to 1882. The teaching process in the University started in the academic year of 1993-94.

Today, it is an integrated university of 17 organizational units – 15 faculties and 2 academies located in ten towns. The Faculty of Medicine in Sarajevo was originally founded in 1944 as the first higher education institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1993, the faculty came under the University of Sarajevo and had been the same ever since. The faculty is located in Foča town, and it is a highly experienced and recommended medical school to study medicine in Europe.

Admissions Open

Degree Awarded
Bachelor Of Medicine And Bachelor Of Surgery (MBBS)
6 years
Medium Of Instruction
Year Of Establishment
Total tuition fee per year
3,100 EUROS Per Year
₹ 2,79,000 Per Year
Accommodation & food
₹ 20,000 Per Month
Flight Ticket
₹30,000 (Aprox)
Application fee

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