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Wenzhou Medical University , Wenzhou, China

Academic Strength and Environment

Wenzhou Medical College , located in Wenzhou city, an opening costal city with developed economy, is an institution of higher learning with the main feature program of medicine and harmonious development of other disciplines such as science, technology, arts, management, laws and education. Wenzhou Medical College, as a key university in Zhejiang province , has the degree- awarding powers for doctoriate degree, master’s degree and enginering master’s degree and appraisal powers for professional titles. Now the college has become a main base for cultivating the medical talents in Zhejiang province. Over the years WMC graduates’ average score and pass rate in National Doctor License Examination occupy top levels among over 100 medical universities in China.
Wenzhou Medical College is composed of three campuses, located respectively at Chashan, Xueyuan Road and Xiushan , covering an area of about 800,000 ㎡(1,290 mu) with a floor space of 500,000㎡. The college library has a collection of about 1280,000 books. It now has over 11900 full-time students and more than 8000 professional staff committed to strengthening discipline construction and research work. It also has 17 affiliated hospitals with about 12000 beds. Active in internationalization of education in recent years, Wenzhou Medical College has established cooperative relationships with over 62 overseas colleges, universities or academic institutions , carrying out the cooperative activities such as establishing Confucius institute in Thailand , Sino-US joint OD program, staff/student exchange program and cooperative research.

Admissions Open for Intake-2020

Degree Awarded
MBBS (Undergraduate program)
6 years
Medium Of Instruction
Year Of Establishment
Tuition Fee
Hostel Fee
Wenzhou Medical College obtained the qualification of recruiting overseas students in 1993. It has been listed as one of the thirty medical universities which have reached the quality control standards of enrolling overseas students (using English as the medium of instruction) by the Ministry of Education of China. In April 2006, the School of International Studies of Wenzhou medical College was founded, starting to recruit overseas medical students. Now it is one of the biggest educational institutes for overseas students in Zhajiang Province. The School of International Studies of Wenzhou Medical College offers two undergraduate programs—bachelor of MBBS and bachelor of BDS to the overseas students. It has enrolled 458 overseas students coming from over 40 countries of Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Australia. At the same time, every year around 105 non-degree students are recruited from our cooperation institutes abroad.
Aimed at promoting friendly relationship with cooperation institutes and enhancing the understanding of the Chinese language and culture among world Chinese learners as well as providing good learning conditions for them, Wenzhou Medical College established two“Confucius Institute”—Confucius Institute at Burapha university in Thailand and Confucius Institute at SUNY College of Optometry in the USA. The Confucius Institutes expand exchange and cooperation abroad in the field of Chinese language teaching, Chinese culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Program Description


According to the Chinese training goal for the undergraduate medical students, and the international demands as well as the needs of the international students’ countries, we shall educate and train them into qualified professionals, who can do clinical, teaching and research work in medical care institutions.


Total weeks:312 weeks including 168 weeks for teaching, 9 week for early stage clinical practice, 22 weeks for exams, 21 weeks for practice, 48 weeks for internship, 2 weeks for flexible teaching, 45 weeks for vacation.


The program for the foreign undergraduate medical students (in English Medium)is divided into three stages:
  • The first stage is to study Chinese culture and natural sciences, including the subjects of General introduction to China, Chinese Language, Medical Chinese Language, Physics, Chemistry etc., which lay a good foundation for the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of the future medical program and familiarize foreign students with Chinese culture. Only the students who pass all the subjects in the first stage will be allowed to continue to study in the second stage.
  • The second stage is to study the basic medicine, including the subjects of Cell Biology, Systematic Anatomy, Regional Anatomy, Histology, Embryology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Medical Genetics, Experimental Biochemical Techniques, Immunology, Medical Microbiology, Human Parasitological, Pathology, Medical Pharmacology, Medical Statistics, Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Diagnostics, Clinical Pharmacology, Operative Surgery, Forensic Medicine and Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy.
  • The third stage is clinical medicine, including the three parts: teaching, practice and internship. Students are advised to begin the early clinical practice during the second stage in order to allow students to gain clinical knowledge and skills. In the process of the medical teaching, emphasis is placed on training in basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills of clinical medicine. Besides tutorship, discussion, lectures, etc. foreign students also can practice in hospital with the Chinese students studying and helping each other. Theory class is combined with practice, and divided into three parts. The clinical skills include Case History Collection, Physical Examination, Assistant Examination, Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, Treatment Plan to work out and carry out, Clinical thought, Emergency handing, Communication Skill and so on. Students are trained in primary clinical thought and how to handle common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases in their own field.


The internship starts from the last year with duration of 48 weeks. Students can choose to do the internship in China or their own countries. During internship, students should arrange the accommodation by themselves.
Before the internship, students who choose to do internship in China need to pass HSK 4.If students choose to do internship in China, the internship will be taken in the 19 affiliated hospitals of WMC with a total of 12,000 beds

Degree Awarded

MBBS Degree: On completing the requirements of the teaching program and passing the graduation examinations successfully, international medical undergraduates will be granted a graduation certificate and conferred a medical degree by the WZMC, if they meet the degree regulations of the university. The English copy of the degree will state MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).
After obtaining MBBS Degree, the graduates can apply to take the medical licensing examination in the medical council in order to get registered and practice medicine. According to the regulations in different countries, the students may need to do the degree accreditation first. A MBBS degree holder can find jobs in government as well as private hospitals, nursing homes and other health facilities. Except this, one can also start his own clinic or pursue study for master’s degree.

Internship and Career

The internship starts from the last year with duration of 48 weeks. Students can choose to do the internship in China or their own countries. During internship, students should arrange the accommodation by themselves.
Before the internship, students who choose to do internship in China need to pass HSK 4.If students choose to do internship in China, the internship will be taken in the 19 affiliated hospitals of WMC with a total of 12,000 beds.
The students majoring in clinical medicine who complete all the required courses and pass all the examinations are entitled to graduate and they are also award bachelor’s degree in medicine in accordance with the academic degree regulations of the People’s Republic of China and Wenzhou Medical College.

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