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About Us

Mission Statement

“The mission of Avalon University School of Medicine is to educate students in both the science and art of medicine. This mission begins with an environment which promotes growth and learning, and entails dedication, discipline, and direction, all of which are fundamental in the development of a skilled physician.”
Avalon University School of Medicine (AUSOM) was founded in 2003 and is chartered by the government of Curacao. AUSOM has an academic team and curriculum which focuses on success of its student body. While emphasis is on student academic success, the administration also focuses on students’ personal needs to make sure both students and parents are comfortable and at ease.Caribbean Medical school
AUSOM’s faculty consists of professors who are qualified doctors with a great experience and knowledge of the basic sciences and medical practice, which makes them an integral part of the success of AUSOM graduates.The island of Curacao is one of the most developed and modern islands in the Caribbean, which allows AUSOM to conduct the medical program in an up-to-date and friendly environment. As a Caribbean medical school, our goal is to make sure that all students obtain a sufficient level of medical knowledge to understand the basic facts, concepts and principles essential to successful medical practice.

Admissions Open for Intake-2020

Degree Awarded
M.D. Physician (Undergraduate program)
4.5 years
Medium Of Instruction
Year Of Establishment
Tuition Fee
12,500 $ Per Annum
Hostel Fee
2000 $ Per Annum
Avalon University School of Medicine takes great pride in making sure all students are pointed in the right direction to succeed. With our designed small class sizes being an average of only 30 students per class, this attractive student-to-teacher ratio offers students the experience of individualized attention in our intensive medical school program. Our faculty members are dedicated to providing the leadership needed for a healthy and exciting learning environment. Our goal is for all students to be molded into well-rounded physicians who exhibit the compassion, integrity and honesty essential for medical practice.

Avalon University School of Medicine is listed by

Our graduates are eligible to practice medicine in North America and most countries around the world. Graduates of Avalon are currently practicing medicine in the United States, Canada and in many other countries around the world.
We have a U.S. based medical curriculum which allows our graduates to be competitive candidates for residency placement.
Our clinical medicine program is very strong, especially in comparison to the vast majority of international medical schools:
We guarantee clinical rotations at exceptional teaching hospitals.
Clinical rotations are available in the United States and Curaçao.
Students are able to complete all their clinical rotations in one geographic location.
With little or no downtime between rotations.
We offer Problem Based Learning (PBL) which is integrated into our basic science curriculum. This incorporates the application of basic science knowledge into a clinical context.
We have developed fully equipped Microbiology, Physiology, Biochemistry and Histopathology labs on campus. Our anatomy lab includes cadavers and plastinated organs which further enhance the educational experience.
Our curriculum includes Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM), which allows our students to be more involved in medical research during their study of basic sciences.
Classes at Avalon are taught in English by instructors that have earned MD’s or PhD’s.
Avalon University has small class sizes for a more personalized education. Professors are able to spend more time focusing on each students needs during class!

A True University with Faculty that Deeply Cares for Their Students!

Our small class sizes provide a more personalized education. Professors are able to spend more time focusing on each students needs during class!
Faculty offers student mentoring programs, in which the faculty will guide students to gain the information they need to become successful. Each student at Avalon will have individual and career guidance throughout their journey at Avalon. Students will find help through their medical school experience.
Our tuition is affordable in comparison to the majority of international medical schools, with multiple scholarship opportunities available. Our financial aid office will provide guidance to help each one of our students!
Our administration offers support for housing, with accommodations available within a walking distance to the campus at affordable prices.
Our staff provides airport pick-up! Students will be welcomed in Curaçao by our staff who will arrange airport pick-up for all incoming students to help make them feel welcome!
AUSOM offers food on campus. The island also has many food options that will make you feel at home. Also, for students with food restrictions; Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and Halal foods are available!
The on-campus library facility has late hours to provide students with a safe quiet place to study with wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access throughout the campus!
The on-campus library facility has late hours to provide students with a safe quiet place to study with wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access throughout the campus!Our campus is located on a safe and well-developed island. The island of Curaçao offers our students the same amenities that are in the United States and Canada. Curaçao has selected Willemstad, the historic city because of its outstanding value and integrity which illustrated the organic growth of the island!

5 Year Pre Medical / MD Program

Avalon University School of Medicine 5 year Pre Med MD Program.png
The premedical program incorporates the basic undergraduate courses that are the prerequisite courses required for the MD program. The premedical curriculum is designed to give high school graduates or students who have not fully met the requirements for the MD program a firm foundation of the sciences to help prepare them for MD program.
This is a rewarding program for highly motivated students, which involves four semesters of focused pre-medical coursework. For students who successfully complete the premedical program will gain automatic admission into the MD program. The premedical program is a great opportunity to work hard and meet the requirements for the MD program without first obtaining a bachelors degree. Avalon University School of Medicine’s premedical requirements can be completed in Curaçao and Ontario, Canada.


Avalon University School of Medicine’s accelerated medical program is designed to prepare students to becoming well-rounded practicing physician in the United States or Canada. Our curriculum is modeled after U.S. medical schools, and the first 16 months will be focused on gaining the basic science knowledge in preparation for an exciting experience during the clinical program years. The goal of the medical program is to build the necessary medical knowledge in preparation for medical licensure and to be set up in the best position to obtaining a medical residency upon graduation.

Fifth Semester

The Fifth semester serves as a bridge between the Basic Sciences and the Clinical Sciences. This semester is 14 weeks in duration.

Clinical Sciences

Students that successfully complete the basic sciences will soon after begin their clinical sciences (clinical rotations). The clinical science program is designed to give students the ability to learn and practice their clinical skills in a hospital setting. Avalon students will have the opportunity to complete the required 72 weeks of clinical rotations at our affiliated teaching hospitals across the United States. An important advantage of our clinical science program is that Avalon students will be able to complete all 72 weeks of core and elective clinical rotations at a single clinical site.

Island of Curacao

Curacao is a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. Curacao is the largest and most populous of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) with a population of approximately 150,000 people. Today, Curacao enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean, and an excellent infrastructure which is among the best in the Caribbean. The main industries of the island include tourism, off shore trading, financial services, and oil refining.
Exquisite beaches and spectacular diving, stunning architecture, activities and adventures for every interest, plus a multi-cultural diversity, intriguing music, art and cuisine make Curacao a popular spot for tourists. Curacao is well known for its coral reefs, which makes it an ideal spot for scuba diving. There are many beaches on the island with popular diving spots. A unique geographic feature of the island is that the sea floor drops off steeply within a few hundred feet of the shore, and the reef can be easily reached without a boat. These are all activities you can experience in Curacao as an Avalon medical student!
Located in the tropics, Curacao has a warm, sunny climate year round. The average temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius (mid 80s Fahrenheit). Cool trade winds blow constantly from the east, picking up in the spring months. The rainy season, which is from October to February, is usually marked by short occasional showers, mostly at night, with continued sunny weather during the day. Total annual rainfall is only about 22 inches. With daily flights into and out of Curacao International Airport, Curacao can be reached through most major airlines.
A place to study medicine for medical students
The currency of the island is the Netherlands Antillean guilder, which is abbreviated as Nafl. US dollars circulate freely on the island, so it is possible to get by using only American dollars or credit cards.
Most major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere on the island. Curacao electricity is 127/120 VAC at 50 cycles. This means that most appliances made in the USA (60 cycles) will work well, except for electrical devices with internal time mechanisms. For electrical appliances from the USA, you do not need an adapter plug.
A place to study medicine for medical students in Caribbean
Life on the island of Curacao Print Friendly
Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island located just off the coast of Venezuela. It is the largest and most diverse of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). Curacao is a true global melting pot, mixing together more than fifty nationalities! The majority of the island is made up of Curacaos, African-Caribbean descendants. Curacaos rich history comes alive in the stunning architecture that is seen across the island. Willemstad is the heart of the island with beautiful Dutch colonial buildings that are not found anywhere else outside the Netherlands. To accommodate the islands weather conditions the buildings added accents such as shutters. The bright, bold colors that cover the buildings throughout the island truly make it very unique and spirited.
Avalon-University-Caribbean-Medical-School-Curacao-birdview Curacao has an incredible rhythm, which is heard through the mix of languages.
Residents of the island speak Papiamentu, which is a beautiful blend of African, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, English and Arawak Indian.

The island itself is divided into two sections:

These two parts are connected by the famous Queen Emma pontoon bridge.

The bridge lights up the entire island at night attracting attention to the beautiful city. Avalon-University-Caribbean-Medical-School-Curacao-national-flag-best-caribbean-island
Avalon-University-Caribbean-Medical-School-Curacao-Student-loungeThe United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are committed to preserving the culture and heritage of major sites around the world.Curacao has selected Willemstad, the historic city because of its outstanding value and integrity which illustrated the organic growth of the island!
Beautiful beaches surround the island with over 35 named.Curacao is not world famous for its beaches, that may be due to the fact that most are hidden along the sheltered and calm southwestern coast, where the water is crystal clear full of beautiful intrinsically colored fish. Avalon-University-Caribbean-Medical-School-Curacao-best-Caribbean-Island
Curacao may be under the radar but it is surely not behind the time. They are proud of their modern international airport and two docking spots for cruise ships. Flights to and from the United States, Venezuela and The Netherlands are available daily.Avalon-University-Caribbean-Medical-School-about-curacao

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