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Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University, Bishkek

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Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is situated in Bishkek city which was founded in 1993. KSRU has close relations with international universities. It has 45 specialties in different fields of medicine. The university is accredited with ECFMG in USA, IIME, MCI, IMED, and WHO. The KRSU degree is recognized worldwide. The university campus has hostel facilities which are available for foreign students. The students are provided with basic amenities and well- equipped facilities. The students are provided with internet, heaters, TV and other basic services. It is one of the popular destination among Indian students for studying medicine. The university has a comprehensive campus with modern facilities. There are 4 large laboratories, 6 research centers, 15 educational and scientific center for students. KRSU has a well-equipped library for students inside the campus. The library is home to a thousand books imparting knowledge to the students. The university maintains a healthy environment for students by providing recreational activities. Students can participate in cultural festivals, basketball, football, and volleyball. There are more than hundred of faculty members working in the university. KRSU provides the best academic opportunities in Kyrgyzstan. The students can get high-quality education by trained professional teachers. KRSU provides a 6-year medical course where the first 5 year to deal with medical studies. The last year in KSRU the students learn clinical technicalities.
The Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is a Kyrgyz public university, established in 1993 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The university offers higher education in medical sciences and others. There are more than hundreds of administrative staffs working in the university and over thousands of students enrolled with the university. The Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University has urban campus located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Abroad Advice recommends the most popular Kyrgyz MBBS Universities including Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University. We assist elaborated and easy steps of obtaining MBBS admission in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.

Admissions Open

Degree Awarded
M.D. Physician
(Undergraduate program)
6 Years
Kant, Bishkek
Medium Of Instruction
Year Of Establishment
Tuition Fee
USD.3000 per Year
Hostel Fee
USD. 600 Per Year

Advantage of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Kyrgyzstan is one of the countries who offer low-cost MBBS programs for Indian MBBS students and other International MBBS students. You can get the best academic options and suitable career opportunities having a degree of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University. You will get additional exposure in spite of other East European countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and others. Kyrgyzstan has large varieties of MBBS colleges and universities including Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University, offering excellent quality of MBBS education and world-class academic infrastructure. Admission in MBBS universities in Kyrgyzstan, especially at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is affordable for India students. You may get MBBS admission at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University without a donation. The Low-cost MBBS Fees, Easy Admission Procedure, MCI and WHO approvals are the basic factors which create a center of attention for International students to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.

The other benefits of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan:

Accreditation and Affiliation of Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

The Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is recognized, listed and accredited with the

The Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is MCI recognized and opens the door to a great MBBS career for international medical graduates having an MBBS degree in Kyrgyzstan from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University. They have both career options like they can go for further studies or medical jobs. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University is affordable and appropriate for Indian Medical Aspirants. Abroad Advice offers visa counseling, documentation check, financial assistance, application submission at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.
The course duration here is of six years where the first five years of the course will deal with the basics of medical studies and other clinical technicalities. The final year will deal with the practicalities of this course where training will be provided in the hospitals affiliated with the universities. One of the primary reasons to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is because the universities here provide real-life simulations of cases that the students deal with.

Intake for MBBS in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Kyrgyzstan universities start taking applicants from September but it is advisable that the overseas students start the process from July. The usual time taken by the colleges to process their applications to the departure is about eight to ten weeks. But the students can still try to apply after that period but that depends on the availability of seats.

Eligibility for MBBS in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

To be able to avail the MBBS course in any of the reputed universities of Kyrgyzstan, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

The Medium of Teaching in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

The medium of teaching here is primarily English even though the students can opt for either Kyrgyz or Russian. For most overseas students, English is convenient as it is universally recognised. Students can still get in touch with the locals to get acquainted with the local tongue. Students living off-campus can benefit from learning the local language.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University


First, you need to send the scanned copies of the following documents to Abroad Advice

Admission Confirmation

After four working days, the university will issue the admission letter after thoroughly verifying your scanned documents. After that, you are required to submit original passport and other original documents with required affidavits to Abroad Advice. Within 15 working days, you are likely to receive ministry approval along with the following documents.
University Fees Submission – Once the approval from the ministry is received, you must deposit the tuition fees in the University Bank Account.

Visa Application

Note: This whole process takes approximately ten working days

Travel Confirmation

The last step is to make travel arrangements which will also be done by Abroad Advice. We will give you the necessary details about the departure and arrival time, who will be receiving you at the airport etc. At last, the final instalment of the processing fee will be paid.

Address of Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University Office 209, 44 Kiev Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan-720000.

Explore More about MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Kyrgyz Republic is self-governing nation, got independence in 1993, situated in Central Asia and Bishkek is the capital and the largest city in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is a nation surrounded by surface and mountainous border. It shares its border with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China to the north, the west, the southwest and the east respectively. The nation was the part of the famous silk route to the Middle East countries from China. Kyrgyzstan possesses 199,951 km2 of total area and population of 6,019,480 citizens. Kyrgyzstan maintains high-quality higher education and matches the international benchmark of medical education; therefore it is worth considering studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University. The university is one of the popular destinations to study MBBS in abroad for international students. Medical Universities in Kyrgyzstan including Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). Other Facts in Kyrgyzstan include;

The natural resources of Kyrgyzstan include petroleum, natural gas, timber, coal, and other minerals. It has an upper-middle income and mixed economy

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University

We at Abroad Advice, being one of the most reliable overseas education consultants assists India medical aspirants in getting the low-cost top universities in Kyrgyzstan for MBBS like Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University. We provide following supports for admission to the Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University and prepare MBBS aspirants eligible to identify the best way to study in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.

Why Abroad Advice is the Best Education Consultant for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

You can trust on Abroad Advice when it comes to reliable educational counseling for MBBS in abroad, including best medical universities for Indian students in foreign countries.

What Abroad Advice Do For You?

Hope we could deliver the information you seek for and capable enough to convince your search of MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.Feel free to contact us to know more about MBBS courses all over the world. Abroad Advice could be your trustworthy companion and reliable ally for information on MBBS Programs in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University. We are the authorized envoy of Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University and other MCI Approved MBBS Universities in Kyrgyzstan for the students hailing from upper mentioned nations for the year 2019-20.

Why MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

Kyrgyzstan which was formerly known as the Kyrgyz Republic is a very beautiful country from Central Asia. It is considered to be amongst the countries that can provide top-notch medical courses at an affordable price. The country has some of the best medical institutes that offer MBBS courses and other medical degrees. International students coming all around the globe are applying in many of the medical universities established in Kyrgyzstan. The quality of education imparted here meets the global standard and exceeds them in many ways. The medical institutes here are globally accredited by the world’s major medical organisations such as WHO, UNESCO et al.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Why choose Abroad Advice for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan?

We at Abroad Advice are one of the best record holder education consultants in India. We have a team of expert consultants who offer well-researched assistance and comprehensive counselling for you to make a bright career in the field of Medicine. Abroad Advice has several centers across the subcontinent, and each one follows the uniformly structured way of providing excellent results that ensure a satisfactory experience for our valuable clients. We at Abroad Advice have the experience and resources to ensure you get access to everything that you may require for an MBBS admission in one of the top global universities. Team Abroad Advice works with the applicants like a family and supports them at every step. Years of experience, a skilled and dedicated team and access to a multitude of resources have enabled us to assist hundreds of Indian students to get admission in the top medical colleges in the various European countries.

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